In an industry saturated with many sub-par and half developed e-liquid juices, the average vape consumer is left with overwhelming choices. This makes it difficult for the consumer to distinguish between which brands are of high quality and which are not. Many vape brands are quick to label themselves as  "Premium E-Liquid", but with very little proof behind the claim. The word "Premium" is used all too often in this industry. There are "premium" brands making e-juices from their own households and bottling it and slapping a label saying "Premium E-Liquid" on it. So what makes a brand actually premium? And what does not? To start, we look at another industry outside of the vape world, the automotive industry. Toyota builds many different classes of cars, but does not slap the word "luxury" on them. You can’t buy a Toyota Yaris, slap it with a "luxury" label, and expect the consumer to pay top dollar for it.
       RESEARCH The first step, involves the process of figuring out "who" your target consumer is and what you can do to fulfill "their" needs. For a luxury car company, this process involves extensive research who their consumer will be, figuring out how much the consumer will be willing to spend, and discovering what can they do to meet that consumer's needs. They know that luxury car customers are willing to spend more than average because they will expect to get more out of their investment than the average customer.  They also know the luxury car customer is a bit more knowledgeable than the average customer in regards to the vehicles they are investing their money in (most of the time). We, here at Ancient Arts Vape, have also used this process. We had to decide "Who" our target customers are, and how we can meet "Their" needs. We felt there was a huge absence in a true quality "Premium" vape brand. For consumers who spend hundreds of dollars on quality, mods needed an e-liquid that not only had a great taste, but also delivered quality through the entire process.  We did not want to just sell some other product on the market. Instead, we wanted to deliver a truly unique vaping experience. Vaping is not just something you do. Vaping is a lifestyle, and it desperately needed a brand that can deliver an experience that was both unique and exquisite. By doing that, we had to look at the entire process from beginning to end. So the next step was the development process......... (continued on next article "Building A Premium Vape Brand" Part 2-Development)